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    YESIDO IO12 Waterproof Smart Watch For Android and iOS Users

    YESIDO IO12 Waterproof Smart Watch For Android and iOS Users

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    Contacts: Connect to the mobile phone to synchronize contacts on the mobile phone and set emergency contacts;

    Dial-up: connect to the mobile phone to dial out, and you can call on the watch side

    Call record: Connect the mobile phone to synchronize the call record of the mobile phone;

    Exercise record: Record the exercise data of the day, including: calories, activity time, number of activities, steps and distance.

    Sleep: Check your sleep status every night

    Heart rate: Put the watch close to your wriet, and the best place to wear it is the wrist bone above your arm. The real-time heart rate can be measured. The normal value of the average person is 60-90 beats/min. The watch records the last 7 measurement recods, and records the highest and lowest values.

    Blood pressure: Put the watch close to your wrist, and the best place to wear it is on the upper arm of the wrist bone. Blood pressure can be measured. The watch records the last 7 pressure measurement records.

    Blood oxygen: Put the watch close to your wrist, and the best wearing position is on the wrist bone and above the arm. The blood oxygen value can be measured. The watch records the last 7 measurement records and records the highest and lowest values.

    Indoor activities: It includes 6 regular sports including indoor running, indoor cycling, pool swimming, sit-ups, push-ups, and free training.

    Outdoor sports: Includes 7 sports such as outdoor running, outdoor cycling, open water, sit-ups, hiking, mountaineering, and other sports: 5 major sports data are recorded during exercise: steps, calories, heart rate, cadence, pace, and can be set Sports goals, a comprehensive breakdown of your sports details.


    Breath training: Breathing training can quickly relax oneself, relieve stress and quickly replenish oxygen to the body. Three frequency options are provided: slow, normal, and slightly faster; breathing time options: I~5min.


    Music control: Connect APP to control music playback.

    The weather: Connect to the APP to synchronize the weather.

    Stopwatch: The watch supports stopwatch timing.

    Timer: The watch tums into a timer every second.

    Mett: The watch realizes the function of Mett, converts all daily exercise volume into Mett value and displays it on the watch and APP, records the energy metabolism equivalent of one week of exercise and forms a visual icon to let users clearly understand their exercise volume.

    Pressure: The watch supports continuous pressure monitoring, montors the user's 24-hour pressure changes, and uses scientific health algorithms to display the pressure as an icon, allowing users to adjust their status at any time. The pressure range shows 1-29 relaxed; 30-59 normal; 60-79 medium; 80-99 high.


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